Hi guys.I’m back after a really looooong time.Sorry for that(as if you care!).The following post includes concrete facts and a set of my own hypothesis;maybe someone has thought about these things before.But the analysis is what I intend to put forth.
It all started with a very simple question.I was listening to a coldplay song.The drums,the guitar,the piano,the voice,the lyrics;it all intermingled so beautifully.A rush of happiness fluxed through my head.It felt so good.Their music is divine to my ears.Then came the question.All human beings are instinctively and intuitively tuned to music.No matter what our background,we immediately recognise the difference between music and noise.If a singer moves “off the tune” or the background music is “not in tune” we immediately realise it;we need not be pandit Bhimsen Joshi to realise it.Moreover,what makes us happy when we hear “good” music?What is “good” music afterall?

The nature of the questions clearly suggest that the perception of music is beyond a particular country,caste,community or any other distinguishing factor between human beings;it is something that comes with human life,with human existence,or rather just existence.Music is a lot more intertwined with the basic laws of the universe than we think.It is something that can exist without human existence;we tend to connect it with the human race without giving it too much thought.Over the centuries the forms of music may have changed,but the aim behind the creation of those forms have been one;the joy that a human derives out of listening to music has been one.A keen music lover,whether he loves rock or punk or electronic or classical or any other form experiences the same “high” if I may call it.

Let’s start the analysis by first examining the dynamics of sound.Suppose we (or anything in this universe that exists in a medium)create a “disturbance” in our medium.This disturbance is basically movement of particles at the location where we strike.These particals hit other nearby partices,they hit their nearby particles and so on.Thus the disturbance that we created travels along all directions starting at the point we created the disturbance.We call this “travelling disturbance” as sound.To make it a bit more fancy we call it a sound wave.That’s all there is to sound!What were those teachers in school creating a fuss over you may think!So we created a sound wave.This wave now reaches our ears,which have ear drums(a kind of stretched piece of cloth).The waves hit the ear drums and they vibrate too.This vibration now traveles to our brain and makes us feel “high”(if the vibrations are ‘good’ that is).So a typical lecture in class goes like this:the lecturer is creating sound,the trees are creating their sound,the birds are chirping,the students are talking;all thes sound “interfere” (basically mix) and reach our ears as a single sound wave.Each of the constituent sound waves are somehow “anti-mixed” and these constituent sound waves now reach our brain;we percieve each of the sounds(neglecting some though!).So the moral of the story is that whatever we hear are vibrations,plain and simple vibrations.

Remember that what we just saw was sound,not music.All music is sound,but all sound is not music.So what transforms sound into music?Put another way,what type of vibrations sound like music?Which vibrations make us feel high?To analyse this consider the following scenario.Let’s strike a table with the right hand once every 3 seconds.Say 1.5 seconds after the right hand strikes start striking with the left hand,again with a period of 3 seconds.Now scale all the timings down to half.How does it sound?Atleast not unbearable,isn’t it?Now change the intensity of your strikes.Sounds better?Bring in your friend to join the stupidity.Let him strike the table with some other scale,preferably as multiples of your timings.Let him experiment with intensities.You will notice something;you have created music!Not time to get your hands on the grammys yet though!Now it’s easy to imagine that the same experiment done with random timings will not create music;it will be noise.So a clear conclusion that we can draw is that “music requires symmetry”or equivalently “music requires periodicity”.This clearly explains why we catch a singer “off his tune” or the background music “not in tune”.The sound reaching our ears is slightly asymmetric or it just about misses it’s period.So symmetry is all there is to music.Create symmetry in sound and you create music!
So one of the things(or perhaps the only thing)that is responsible to create a “high” when we listen to music is symmetry.Another very interesting question is that “what is it about music that creates a high?” or “what happens in the brain when we listen to music?”.My current knowledge does not allow me to venture into these domains;but no one stops me from having a feeling of sheer joy when I think of these things.It gets me closer to divinity for sure.
I have some knowledge on symmetry though.I’m sure all of us do.There’s night only because there’s day;there’s right only because there’s left;there’s good only because there’s bad.Infact the very creation of this universe is so closely related to symmetry.At the very beginning there was nothing;that is “no thing”.We cannot percieve this “no thing” because there is nothing to percieve.Don’t mistaken this “no thing” to be just vacuum and space with nothing in it;for the space would still “exist”,the time would still “exist”.At this moment there was absolute oneness;everything was super identical;no left no right,no good no bad.After a time interval physists call the “Plank’s epoch” the universe came into being.The Plank’s epoch is a decimal followed by 43 zeros and then a one,seconds.Before the Plank’s epoch amount of time elapsed, there was super symmetry,absolute oneness.From the time that the plank’s epoch elapsed till this moment there has been no absolute symmetry.All the activities and dynamics of the universe exist because of non-perfect symmetry.Cite this analogous example:equal wieghts on a weighing pan balance perfectly while unequal weights don’t and more importantly they cause motion.
Some other examples of symmetry include the most often used funtions in mathematics.Periodicity also plays a very important role in mathematics.Geometrical figures demonstrate symmetry in the most elegant way;we all grasp the notion of a circle so intuitively.We like looking at symmetrical geometrical figures.Proofs in geometry that include symmetrical objects follow so very intuitively and elegantly.All of us know about the symmetry of the human body.The list goes on and on.Symmetry is in the fabric of the universe.
Remember where it all started?We started with music!We ended up talking about symmetry being a basic element of the universe,of existence.For me this is all that matters.Everything,no matter what,needs to be filtered down to existence,to the very basic question:Why should there be anything in the universe in the first place?Whether it be music or science or math or whatever,it has to somehow give me some insight into divinity.I hope the next time a question arises in my mind,it leads me to the answer of the following question:”Who am I?”


Just came here to report something I found very interesting.Suppose I say “I am lying”.There is much more than we can percieve in this statement.The statement can neither be true nor false.For consider the truth value of statement as ‘true’.Thus “I am lying” is true.Thus I must be lying.Thus the statement I have made is false;a contradiction.A similar argument generates a contradiction when we consider it’s truth value as ‘false’.Isn’t this amazingly interesting.This is called “Liar’s Paradox”.

For more information just google it or start your reading at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liar_paradox

Hi guys;I’m back after a long time.Just a few days ago the ganpati festival was celebrated.We too celebrated it in typical “amchi mumbai” style in our local society.We had the typical ‘mandup’,the ‘murti’ of the lord,etc.

All the youngsters of the society come together and manage the festival.What I’m going to say in this post though has got nothing to do with how we managed the event,blah blah.When we boys went out to purchase the ‘murthi’ of lord Ganpati,I noticed something.All boys in my group as well as other people who had come to purchase the murthi were very very particular about what they wanted.”No yaar,that murthi has not got the best face”,said one of my friends.”Our murthi is hundred times better than their murthi”,another person was heard saying.”The bigger the better”,added another one of my friends.I somehow wasn’t feeling as they did.All murthis were just the same to me.May be that was due to a reason.

I said to myself,”What the hell?It’s not the external appearance of the murthi my friends!There’s lot more than meets the eye!”Idol worship in Hinduism is more than just stone worship.All idols convey deep messages;they are symbols of ideal living.There are thousands of gods in India for some reason.The human mind wanders about a thousand places.The great thinkers of ancient India had an idea;create a god for everything the human mind can think of!Man thinks of money;there’s a money god.Man thinks of sex;there’s sex god.Man thinks of art;there’s an art god.The list is countless.So whenever man thinks of something “in the world”,there’s a god to guide him;to teach him how to best use that thing being completely detached.

It’s not just the idols that use symbolism.The various poojas and rituals are also symbols which teach us lessons.Let’s get back to our good old god Ganpati.The Ganpati idol signifies  different traits that are needed to be successful in the world.The large head signifies “think more”.The small mouth signifies “talk less”.The large ears say “be a good listener”.The list goes on.It is this knowledge that our youth needs.Just idol worship because the”murthi is beautiful “or a pooja because “it will get me good marks” is going to make no difference to the lives of the youth.It will only create more ignorance among them. Ganesha Symbolism

I hope that  next time there’s a festival or a pooja we will try to look beyond just the external;hopefully my brilliant ancestors will be successful in passing on the transcendental message through the realms of the world.

Hi everybody;i’m back after some time.I somehow have a feeling that I tend to blog either when I’m happy or when I’m sort of sad.This post comes as a result of a combination of both.Well,this post comes as an aftermath of me pondering over our education system.

The other day our results were declared.For your information I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering.This time I fared poorly;atleast not as well as I(or others) expected.Most of my friends fared pretty well.So you may ask what’s the big deal?The deal is what follows.

Last semester we had campus placements.The companies first take an aptitude test of all eligible candidates.Those who clear this test sit for one or two rounds of interview.The aptitude test generally requires no more knowledge than what is aquired at the secondary school level.In contrast,the engineering exams are “supposed” to test problem solving skills of the candidates in the respective discipline.Where is all this headed you may ask?Figure this out.There is a set of students from our class that went to almost six to seven of these companies for placements.All of them did not manage to clear even the aptitude test conducted by the companies.So what’s the big deal,isn’t it?Actually all these students are the “toppers” of our class!These are the students who found their names at the top of the results list the other day.While many of my friends and me are placed,these “toppers” are not.These guys are supposed to be able to solve some pretty complex problems;far more complex than those solved at school(read solved at aptitude test).

So what are the exams testing after all?The exams declare the students who cannot solve school level sums as those who can solve engineering level problems.Actually you know what?The companies and the industry already know this.Thus the aptitude tests!These companies spend a large sum on “training” the freshers they pick up from various cmpuses.The fact that they need to “train” the candidates who spend four years at an engineering college itself stands testament to how stupid our education system is.

Our education system tests how well a candidate can remember rather than how good his or her analytical skills are.One who can mug up well is the “topper”.But why is our system so?Why does it test mugging skills?My take on it is as follows.Everyone in the country must be educated.Our country has a large population.This makes our system a system for the “herd”.Everyone must be given an opportunity to become an engineer.Every parent want’s his child to be one.Now if everyone wants to be an engineer,the entrance to the engineering colleges must be made simpler.Thus build as many engineering colleges as required;recruit as many teachers as possible,even if it means poor quality teachers;make entrance to these colleges easy.Now a person with no aptitude gets into an engineering college.But he or she needs to survive the four years here.Thus the simplest solution?Make the exams simple(read stupid).Test mugging skills.After all that is what everyone does from school days.This is heaven for students with lesser aptitude;but hell for students with better aptitude.They are not allowed to think freely;implement their ideas.After all these are “not in exam”.This makes an engineer out of an idiot;but an idiot out of a serious wannabe engineer.Our country thus produces  most engineers in the world;but also most with poor quality.

So what’s the solution?That will make up my next post…

Today was our first serious day of college;or should I say it was my first serious day?Officially the first lecture was conducted a week earlier at 9 am.I still can’t figure out how our class manages to have all that attendence on the first official day.Anyways ,I started off the year today at 11:15:53 am.How is that for accuracy?If only that could be said about my punctuality!

The first thing I find out is that all the students have been assigned new roll numbers.Obviously this means that all the batches that existed for two previous years now change.I was lucky enough to have all my friends in my batch for those two years;or should I say unlucky?For now we are all in different batches.Ketan,Kunal and Mithun in one batch;Yashwant,Bhavik in another;Amar,Jadoo(the eternal couple)in another;and me in yet another.

Now how am I supposed to complete all my assingments in time without Ketan?Who will solve those programming  problems without Mithun?and most of all, how will I enjoy the two hours of practicals without friends?As if all of above was not enough,listen to this.Out of 15 odd students in my batch,there are only three boys including me.How is that a problem you may ask?Ask my friends how comfortable I am with girls around,and you will know.Moreover,one of the boys with me is Powar(Power).He is one of those guys who is always victimised in class and is a real moron.How am I going to survive the next year?We will wait and see…

     Hello World!Here I enter into the world of blogging.From nowhere have I suddenly developed this interest for writing;or is it the freedom of expression that comes alongwith the definition of blogging?Is it the power to affect so many people just by sitting in front of your home PC?

     Whatever it is,I am sure it will be an empowering journey,both for me as well as whoever lands up at rohil.wordpress.com.

Here I would like to tell all the readers that any suggessions regarding spellings,grammar and any other thing related to writing skills will be greatly appretiated.Really looking forward to improving my writing skills.

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